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Desktop, Web & Mobile

Mavinix develops technology solutions tailored to your business operations. Mavinix team can analyze your systems and suggest the best solution for you.

Fully Customizable Products

Use Mavinix products as they are or Mavinix engineers can customize them to suit your business needs.

Dedicated Support

Quick response to support enquiries.
Experienced support team and efficient problem-solving.


Mavinix is excited to offer you our services and provides the best solutions to propel your business ahead!
24/7 professional service and support. Mavinix engineers are always ready to get to work!
Mavinix always ensures that our software meets the latest design trends for best usability and performance.
Mavinix uses the latest technology coupled with solid experience in the field to bring to you best possible solution for your specific needs.


Nothing is impossible for MAVINIX. Highly flexible, always improving

Web Development

Mavinix creates data-driven web applications for your business needs

Mobile Applications

Mobile Applications can complement your web or client-server solution. They can be great on their own too!


Mavinix team can evaluate your business processes and suggest tecnology solution that is right for your company.

Business Intelligence System

Modern Design Trends

The Mavinix Business Intelligence System utilizes the latest technology and adheres to modern design trends to provide maximum performance, flexibility and ease of use.

Optimzied For All Screen Sizes & Types

The Mavinix data collection wizard utilizes the latest responsive design criteria that can be used on a wide range of devices, including iOS and Android among others.

Dedicated Support To All Customers

The Mavinix team is available to respond to our clients' enquiries on a 24/7 basis.

Flexible Solution

Mavinix Business Intelligence System is fully configurable and can be customized and ready to deploy within hours. If you need the system to be tailored to your specific requirements, the Mavinix team will work with you to customize it to suit your business model.


The Mavinix Solutions reporting capabilities are configurable and can accommodate any changes that need to be added to your existing library of reports. Dashboard queries can also be configured to display a variety of statistics that is important to you.


The Mavinix Business Intelligence Solution can be used in a variety of industries for multiple applications due to it's flexible and configurable design capabilities.

  • Automotive

    Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI), Dealer Satisfaction Index (DSI) and Employee Satisfaction Index (ESI)

  • Retail

    Customer Satisfaction Survey for Retail, Products Comparison Survey

  • Financial

    Finance Priorities Survey, Survey of Consumer Finances (SCF)

  • Market Research - Consumer

    Market Research Survey, Consumer Demographic Survey, Products Comparison Survey

  • Market Research - Business

    B2B Product Survey, B2B Service Survey