Online Store and Marketplace Setup

We can help you setup your Amazon Marketplace Account and your Shopify Store and integrate them with your existing application and your Accounting package.

Services include:

  • Shopify consultancy and store design.
  • Amazon consultancy and Marketplace configuration.
  • Edit and Refine your images of your items.
  • Shopify Integration: orders, products, inventory, images.
  • Quickbooks Desktop and Quickbooks Online integration with your Online Store

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Website Design

We can design your website according to the latest web design practices and standards to showcase your business - responsive, usable and SEO-ready.

  • Responsive website can run on any browser and device.
  • Modern look and feel.
  • Logo design, grahics design or retouching.

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SEO and Social Media Marketing

We can help fine-tuning your existing website to improve its appearance in online searches and establish your online presence through social media marketing and advertising to drive traffic and sales leads.

  • Website audit and SEO configuration.
  • Social media marketing strategy consulting.
  • Setup Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter ad campaigns and promotions.

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AWS Setup

We can configure Amazon Web Services (AWS) to suite your specific needs, whether it's a virtual server, vpn or a website hosting using AWS serverless configuration.

  • Amazon Web Services EC2 instance configuration.
  • Database configuration, audit, performance tuning, maintenance plan setup.
  • Configure website hosting on Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3).
  • Automate your Emails to customers, marketing emails, order confirmation, notification emails with Amazon Simple Email Service (SES).
  • Automate your files backup to Amazon S3.
  • Configure your Domain Name Servers using Amazon Route 53.
  • Setup Work Mail on Amazon, using your domain name and email addresses.

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